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This project is an incubation project being run inside the Green Software Foundation; as such, we DON’T recommend using it in any critical use case. Incubation projects are experimental, offer no support guarantee, have minimal governance and process, and may be retired at any moment. This project may one day Graduate, in which case this disclaimer will be removed.

Impact Framework

Impact Framework is a way to compute and report the environmental impacts of software applications accurately.

Transform Observations into Impacts

Take easily observable metrics like CPU utilization, page views and installs and convert them into environmental impacts such as carbon emissions, water usage, energy consumption, and air quality.

Buildable Plugin Ecosystem

Engage an existing library of plugins or create new plugins within Impact Framework based on your assumptions and observations.

Explore What-If Scenarios

Uncover the environmental impact of your software changes in real-time by examining how your software’s environmental performance changes if your application moves to the cloud or experiences shifts in its runtime.

Decentralize Data

Record your observations, chosen plugins, configurations, and computed environmental impacts in a manifest file. Open the door for others to understand, verify, and challenge the entire process.

Democratize Measurement

Empower others to rerun your manifest file, validate your findings, or question your assumptions. They can tweak configurations, select different plugins, and run the analysis themselves.