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This project is an incubation project being run inside the Green Software Foundation; as such, we DON’T recommend using it in any critical use case. Incubation projects are experimental, offer no support guarantee, have minimal governance and process, and may be retired at any moment. This project may one day Graduate, in which case this disclaimer will be removed.

How to visualize results

(for any questions / help needed on IF visualization please raise an issue here: IF issues)

There are currently 2 ways to visualize Impact Framework outputs:

  1. Using the Simple HTML Exporter plugin. (NOT CURRENTLY WORKING! This plugin was broken by an IF refactor and is not yet fixed.)
  2. Using Grafana.

Grafana is the more standardized method for visualization. It also provides much more control over what's being visualized and how. Nevertheless, it requires some setting up.


(See also

Grafana is an open source analytics & monitoring solution for every database.

One of its main features is the ability to create dashboards with various types of data visualizations.

Please follow these instructions here to set up a Grafana dashboard.

This method requires converting the resulting output yml into a CSV. The standard way to do so would be to use the Grafana export plugin.

Visualization example